Professional Gutter Repairs and Installation

Gutter Repairs

Your Gutter System is Attached Directly to Your Fascia Board, Though It Can Come Loose Over Time.

One of the most taken for granted portions of residential and commercial roofs is the gutter system. While it performs a simple task, catching rain water and directing it away from your home, the consequences of a malfunctioning gutter can be severe. That’s why consistent maintenance, repairs, and eventual replacement are so important for your home’s safety and the security of your commercial property. When you’d like to learn more details about our Oklahoma City, OK gutter repairs and installation services, give our team a call at 877-736-2783! We’d be happy to inspect your system and ensure your home or office is properly protected.

Gutter Damage and How to Prevent It

Your gutters are attached primarily to your fascia board, which lines the edges of your roofing system (between the rooftop and soffit). While it is designed to catch and redirect water, your gutters can also become cluttered and clogged with debris. Leaves, dirt, and twigs are swept away by rain water and become stuck in your drain system. While the short term effects of this blockage may seem negligible, it can lead to some disastrous consequences down the road.

First off, clogged gutters cannot effective drain water during heavy rainstorms. This causes rain to slosh over the edges, spilling water against fascia boards, into the attic, and down on the ground next to the base of the home. The subsequent wood rot, ruined insulation, ceiling staining, and foundation shifting be exorbitantly expensive to repair.

Gutter Repairs

Clogged Gutters Can Lead to Damaged Foundation, Fascia Rot, and Ruined Insulation.

There are several other problems that gutters have to contend with, including loose fittings, corroded piping, and holes. Some of this damage can be repaired, while some will require sectional or complete system replacement. There’s only one question you have to answer as a homeowner or business owner: Are my gutters effectively draining water and directing it away from the property?

Cost-Effective Gutter Repairs (Commercial & Residential)

Is your property in need of gutter repairs or replacement? The skilled and experienced roofers at Validated Construction are ready to help! To schedule an inspection and estimate for your home or business, call our company at 877-736-2783 and ask about our gutter repairs in Oklahoma City, OK and the surrounding areas.