Flat Roof Coating Installation

Flat Roof Coating

A Flat or Low Slope Roof Can Derive Many Benefits from a Flat Roof Coating.

If you own a commercial structure, chances are that it has a flat roof. Despite the value and practicality of flat roof systems, they still have their issues that require attention. For example, most flat roofs present a large expanse that is broadly vulnerable to damage from hail, wind, and debris. A leak anywhere on your flat roof can cause extensive damage throughout the building. For a foolproof solution to common problems with flat roofing, consider the application of a flat roof coating.

Benefits of a Flat Roof Coating

Flat Roof Coating

To Restore the Luster on Your Flat Roof, Let Our Team Apply a Quality Roof Coating.

A flat roof coating will not only benefit your commercial structure, but also your finances. When applied properly, flat roof coatings can repair widespread damages, shore up a roof’s weaknesses, seal leaks, and add many years of additional life to the roof. This assortment of positive benefits has made roof restoration — a process that centers on the use of roof coatings — into a viable alternative to roofing replacement

If you are interested in the application of a flat roof coating for restorative purposes, you should understand that not all roofs can benefit from this process. If a roof has sustained catastrophic damage, or if small damages were allowed to develop for too long, flat roofing replacement will represent your only option. If you catch the damage in time, however, a flat roof coating costs much less than full replacement, and adds 10 years or more to the life of your old roof. If you have any inkling that your roof might need replacement, or if it has survived beyond the length of its warranty, consider a flat roof coating as long-term preventative maintenance.

How to Get Yours!

Flat roof coatings aren’t just for damaged and old roofs. Even brand-new flat roofs can benefit from the addition of a coating. These products will help secure the roof against damage and leaks, and can endow your chosen material will added benefits such as improved reflectivity. To learn more about the benefits of a flat roof coating in Oklahoma City, OK, reach out to our team today at 877-736-2783.