Insurance Claims Process in Oklahoma City, OK

Roof Insurance Claim

Our Team Will Thoroughly Inspect Your Roof as Part of a Roof Insurance Claim.

Oklahoma weather will throw a lot at a roof, from hail and sleet, to high winds and baking heat. Sometimes Mother Nature will get the upper hand on your roof, and when that happens, Validated Construction can guide you through the entire replacement process. We can help you fill out all necessary paperwork, and will work with your insurance company to make your new roof or roof repair a hassle-free experience.​​ ​Our claims coordinators have consistently helped residential property owners recover their money through roof insurance claim processes.

You pay for your insurance, and should use it when the time comes for storm-related repairs. Many homeowners incorrectly believe that a roof insurance claim will lead to higher premiums. This is not the case, as the law actually prohibits insurance carriers from retaliatory rate increases. If the claim process nevertheless feels stressful or intimidating, contact our team for help. We’re your local, expert roofing professional for support with a roof insurance claim in Oklahoma City, OK. To learn more or get started with your claim, call 877-736-2783 today.

The Roof Insurance Claim Process

Roof Insurance Claim

We Know How to Work with Adjusters to Ensure an Adequate Claim.

At Validated Construction, we’re ready to help with your roof insurance claim. From the initial inspection to the final check for repairs, you can count on our steady guidance and expert advice. The next time your home weathers a major storm, make sure your roof gets the repairs it needs.

Inspection: The first step in preparation of a claim is an inspection. You must have some documentary evidence of the condition of your roof. The insurance company will send its own adjuster for an inspection. However, we recommend that all homeowners pursue the benefit of a second opinion.

The Adjuster: After you contact your insurance provider about a claim, they will send an adjuster to verify the condition of your roof. Once the adjuster estimates the cost of repair, he or she will need to touch base with your chosen repair contractor. At Validated Construction, we’ll gladly fill this role, and have a great deal of experience working with adjusters.

File Your Claim: Our team can provide invaluable assistance with paperwork, and will ensure that everything is submitted correctly. Errors in this regard can lead to delays that endanger your home or roof, so trust our team for help.

Work Scope: After filing the claim, we will detail to the insurance company how we plan to complete repairs. Once this is approved, you can expect the approval of your claim.

Fund Allocation: From here, the insurance company will allocate funds to begin repair. When it comes to roofing repairs, you can count on us for expert, timely work. After we finish, the insurance company may provide a second check to cover excess expenses.

We’re Ready to Serve

The team at Validated Construction represents the preeminent source for help with a roof insurance claim in Oklahoma City, OK. Everyone can benefit from some assistance with an insurance claim, if only for additional documentation in support of an adequate return. If you need our help, or simply want to ask questions, don’t hesitate to call us anytime at 877-736-2783.