Protecting Your Business From Burglary And Theft

It’s nothing like the movies, video games, or cartoons where a Robin Hood character swoops easily into a business or home and steals only what is necessary before leaving a calling card and dashing out into the night to give his findings to the poor. Burglary and theft is a huge problem for businesses, as thieves steal all that is valuable, and that doesn’t just mean material wise. An instance of burglary or theft robs the business of more than just its profits and assets, it robs the employees and customers of their feeling of security. It is necessary as a business owner or manager to understand the safety and closing procedures that you already have in place and reinforce them with better security technology. This ensures that your business has theft protection and peace of mind. 

Understanding The Basics of Burglary and Theft

Burglar Protection

burglar with crowbar to break door to enter the house

Thefts and burglaries have doubled in the United States over the past decade. Statistically, it is more likely for a smaller business to get targeted than a larger business, due to the lack of security measures. Despite the popular belief, there is a difference between theft and burglary. In order to ensure that a possible burglary doesn’t also turn into a theft, there needs to be an understanding of the definitions.  

Burglary, as defined by the Bureau of Justice, is the forcible entry of a residence or business.

Theft is the action or crime of stealing.

Just because a burglar breaks into your business does not necessarily mean that they are going to commit the crime of theft. Making it harder for the burglar to get in and find the loot he is looking will help prevent a burglary moving on into a theft. Proper theft protection procedures are mandatory for protecting your business, your customers, and your employees. 

How Do I Protect My Business From Burglary?

Making it harder for a burglar to get in in the first place is the best place to start when talking about theft protection. Break-in Prevention Procedures and tighter security measures around your business will make it harder for the burglar to get it and be more convincing that he should stay away. 

Keep Doors Locked at Closing

There is probably an audible sigh coming from you reading this but bear with us. Keeping your doors locked at closing time is extremely important. Some larger businesses, like Olive Garden, have a strict policy of no-re-entry after closing. When the doors locked, anyone, including the manager, is no longer allowed back in the building until the next business day starts. This may seem like a pain to a guest who has forgotten his wallet out in the car, or for parties that are trying to meet up with their families after closing, but it is designed to help control who is coming in and out. There is no way of telling who is coming in your building after close and what they are bringing with them. A thief can easily threaten a business manager and the employees if he was let in after the doors closed because there is no longer witnesses to deter him from doing so. 

Installing Better Locks On Your Door

There is an old saying that the harder it is to do something, the less likely people are going to try and do it. This applies to burglars and thieves. The harder for it is for them to break into your business, the less likely they are going to do so. They only have a limited amount of time before someone notices that something isn’t right, and wasting time trying to break-in puts them in serious risk of getting caught. The locks installed on your doors can play a big part in protecting your business. 

A pin-cylinder lock and a double cylinder lock are both extremely hardy and difficult to pick. They cannot be unlocked by the old credit card sliding between the door edge and jamb trick. The double cylinder lock, in particular, is the most difficult to open, as it has to be unlocked on both sides. This means, even if they did manage to break-in, they would still have to break out.

Make Sure You Know Who Has the Keys To Your Business

It is common for a lot of businesses to hand out keys to managers and assistant managers, especially if they open and close often. Just remember to keep a running log of who has possession of these keys, so you can ensure that you get them back when they are going on vacation or switching to a different job. This will help avoid the possibility of falling into the wrong hands. 

Also, make sure you are only handing out keys to a limited number of trusted employees. The more people who have a set of keys, the higher the possibility of someone breaking in and stealing something. 

Make Sure Your Business Has An Alarm System

Alarm System

Alarm Systems can alert you and the authorities that there is a burglar and attempted robbery. 

Craftier and more motivated thieves may still find a way to break into your business, despite all the previously mentioned precautions. Another way to make sure your business has theft protection is installing an alarm system for your business.

The best alarms are the quiet ones that alert the authorities without making the burglar aware that someone is onto their antics. This is especially satisfying when the burglar gets caught and thrown behind bars. Not to mention, it makes it less likely for that burglar to try and rob your business a second time.

Alarms that scream so loud they wake up the neighborhood and send dogs into a barking frenzy are a good deterrent for more timid thieves, and can even put the more experiences ones into panic mode.


Spotlights that are motioned sensor can make it harder for a burglar to use the cover of night to break in. It can also give them a bit of a scare and alert those who are driving by that something is up.

It is also advised that there should be some kind of light left on in your business, this way it gives the appearance that someone is still there. This will make a thief think twice before trying to come in. 

Reinforce Your Windows, Roof, And Doors

Regular maintenance of your doors, windows, and roof may seem like an odd way to prevent a thief from sneaking in, but in reality, it really helps. Burglars take advantages of weak points in your roof, windows, and doors because those are easy ways for them to get in. If these areas are showing signs of wear, it is important to call a roofing company to ensure that the burglar doesn’t have a chance to even think about using them.

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For added protection to your doors in windows, consider installing locks on the sashes of windows and bars on the door and window. This way, even if a burglar were to break the glass or force in the door, they would still have to try and handle the bars. 

Hiring an On-Site Security Team

On-Site Security Team

An On-site Security Team can help defend your business during public events.

If you are really concerned about the safety and welfare of your business, it may be beneficial to look into hiring an on-site security team, especially if you are throwing an event for the community. Just remember, that this can be a costly option but beneficial, depending on your needs.

How Can I Stop An Employee From Stealing?

Theft is a serious problem among businesses. Forty percent of small business fail due to theft from their own employees, and the number is climbing. Employee theft comes in a number of different forms, such as larceny, diverting business funds, fraud, and stealing business assets. There are ways to prevent and even discourage employees from stealing.

    • Know your employees
    • Supervise employees closely
    • Use purchase orders
    • Control and check all cash receipts
    • Use informal audits
    • Install computer security
    • Track business checks
    • Keep track of and manage inventory
    • Pay attention to account receivables
    • Provide a channel of communication so that your employees can safely report thefts or problems from fellow coworkers

While you can take all the precautions in the world and install top of the line security equipment, the best protection from burglary is common sense. All of these procedures and equipment only work when you are using them. Make sure your employees understand the procedures and the importance of adhering to them will keep your business and the people who benefit from it protected. 

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