One Remodel – One Company

Most homeowners are clueless where to start when beginning a home remodel. They might call a flooring company to come in and replace the tile. A woodworking shop to refurbish the old cabinets. A plumber to change the toilet. What most people don’t realize, you could be wasting time, energy and money by not consolidating your remodel under one company. Below are some areas of a remodel you may not realize you would need to handle, that an all in one service company would take care of, for you.


When doing a home remodel, scheduling can be an absolute nightmare. Getting 5 different companies to show up on the same day is quite the challenge. Some crews would rather there not be another company in the room working simultaneously so then you have to maneuver around each crew’s schedule. If you are on a time crunch, many times the more crews involved, the longer it takes. If you were to use Validated Construction, they would handle scheduling for you. You would get to sit back and watch it unfold.


Most homeowners don’t realize the extensive negotiating that takes place with home remodels. Each company is fighting for a bid and trying to offer the best deal, while also generating profit. You would have to deal with 5 different negotiations. While also being cautious of those who may not have the best intentions. Many times contractors will use cheap materials to make more money. With Validated Construction, you make one contract, with one company. We handle the rest. The people we work with have been vetted by our staff so you know you will be getting a top of the line craftsmen and crew.

Customer Service

Having your home remodel under one company can be a huge relief when it comes time for your questions. Do you really want to spend time calling company to company trying to figure out a solution if a problem arises? If you use one single company to handle the entire remodel, you only have to deal with one company when you need something. This makes projects run much smoother because the crew is connected to the entire project, not just one thing.

If you’re ready to a home remodel, make sure you find one singular company that you trust to take on the project.