Kitchen Remodel: Countertop Options

Most kitchen remodels begin with a homeowner wanting an upgrade or style change. Many times it could be a color or design that is outdated. Almost all kitchen remodels have some sort of countertop renovation. Not only do you want a style that blends with the rest of the home, but you also need something that is durable and stand the test of time. Fortunately, there are many types of countertop options.


Wood countertops can really bring together a more southern kitchen look. Placed correctly, they can also give a very modern, industrial feel. Not only attractive, wood countertops are incredibly useful for food prep and are sanitary enough for chopping food items. It also can be much cheaper than a marble or granite top. Wood is more susceptible to nicks and bumps, but in the long run can be very durable. The wood’s heat-resistance is a welcomed asset.

Stainless Steel

The major advantage of stainless steel countertops, and a big reason you see them in most restaurants, is because the materials ability to inhibit bacterial buildup. This makes steel countertops the most hygienic top there is. These countertops definitely give a modern feel and mixes well with almost any color or pattern. The surface is also one of the easiest countertops to keep clean.


Granite countertops can add value to your home while also giving it high end look. Not only that, granite tops are a very durable prep surface. What has became the top choice for most home remodels, granite countertops are a natural stone which creates gorgeous rock patterns. Fair warning, granite countertops are not the cheaper route and maintenance on them is a necessity. Be sure to always wipe stains quickly and be sure to follow your regular sealing procedures.


Along with granite counter tops, marble takes some maintenance and lands on the more expensive side of things. But you are guaranteed to get something that stands out in your home. Marble tops give a luxurious, high-class, timeless aesthetic and can last for a long time with proper care. They can instantly increase the value of your home and really be the icing on the cake of a complete remodel.