Embarrassing Home Remodels

We’ve all seen a hilarious result of a poor DIY home remodel. Maybe the homeowner didn’t have time or patience to hire a professional team. Maybe they realized midway through the task was larger than expected. Whatever the case, these picture below show some of the Validated Staff’s favorite remodel failures.

Quantity Over Quality

Apparently, this homeowner cared more about quantity over quality so they installed a public toilet dispenser in their bathroom. Yes, you will never run out of toilet paper, and also, yes, it looks incredibly tacky.

Where Did They Get Those Rocks?

I guess, I somewhat understand what they were trying to accomplish, but you can definitely tell this is an amateur job. It looks like they walked outside and grabbed as many rocks as they could find and stuck them to the original bathtub. Remodel teams are able to find you the right supplies for this type of remodel that will blend it with the rest of the room.

There’s So Much Going On

Oh my. I’m not sure where to start here. Clutter doesn’t always equal style. As minimalism continues to trend upwards, less can definitely be better. But underneath all the colors and kittens, this room has so much potential.

Rocks, On Rocks, On Rocks

I’m don’t fully understand some people’s obsession with randomly placed rock designs. This look random and sporadic. It looks very unplanned. Professional draft their ideas before hand to show customers exactly what their remodel will look like. This looks like they started and just went with it.

All That Space

I’m not sure what they were thinking here. All that space and they put a tiny standing shower. The vent on the ceiling where the tile ends makes it so they won’t be able to install a wall there. At this point you will have to have your toilet in your bedroom. A professional team would have seen the vent and immediately changed plans accordingly.