DIY Renovation Fails and Falls

People love the “do it yourself” mentality. You can definitely save money doing home renovations on your own. Many DIY home owners don’t realize they could be costing themselves a lot of money in the long run. There’s also the chance that someone could end up hurt. Sure it’s good for Youtube views and laughs. But many times people aren’t as lucky as the ones in the videos below. They should’ve just let the pros handle it.


Aw, the classic father and son bonding time story over a do-it-yourself home renovation. You can tell immediately the son has no business being on a latter, let alone hanging a chandelier. What made these two think putting a latter on a set of stairs was a good idea? The guy in blue is lucky he didn’t smash his father on top of the head. They are both extremely fortunate no one was hurt. They would’ve saved a lot of time and money had they just called a company like Validated Construction.

Pride Comes Before the Fall

One of the great downfalls of a handyman is pride. Many times, they feel any task is possible. You can spend all day working on a project but if it’s not done correctly it does not matter. Like the guy in the video, avoid putting in all that work and the embarrassment when it doesn’t go as expected. Call the pros.

Real Friends . . . Eh

Poor guy, it almost feels like his friends recording knew what was about to happen. The man is trying to take down a large portion of a wall with an electrical saw. He clearly hasn’t thought about what will happen when the piece falls. This causes him to plunge to the ground. Not only could he have been seriously hurt by the wall, fall, or saw, he wasn’t wearing any protective gear. We always see amateur construction work done without proper safety protection. Simply wearing protective glasses can save someone from serious injury. You are better off just letting a professional team handle it.