What Order To Do Home Renovations

Have you been thinking about taking on a home renovation project? While it might seem like a relatively easy task, there is a ton of work that goes into renovating a home. You have to consider all of the components of your home like coming up with a design, the demolish, carpentry and more in order to come up with a concrete idea of where to start home renovation. How to plan home renovation project requires a specific order to finish it successfully. This includes the following

  • Decide how much money you are wanting to spend on a renovation.
  • Learn how much insurance coverage is needed for a home renovation.
  • Acquire the proper renovation permits.
  • Buy the materials and supplies you will need.
  • After all of those things, you can start the demolition process.
  • You will want to install all HVAC, electrical, plumbing, insulation, and, drywall.
  • Painting and fine carpentry can be completed once pipes and systems are installed.
  • After painting, you can install your floors.
  • Lastly, you can add new fixtures and other accessories for your renovated home.
A Man Installing New Tile Floors

With Home Renovation You Can Paint, Add New Flooring, and More!

All of this can be a lot for homeowners to take on their own, which is why having the assistance of home renovation contractors is key. They will be able to help you with the project or take on the responsibility all on their own.

Home Renovations Ideas

When it comes to renovating, the whole idea is to repair or update the look of the home you have recently bought or are living in. There are many ways you can go about restoring old components in your home to give it a fresher, more modern appearance.

  • Wall Paper Removal: This can include removing outdated wallpaper with newer wallpaper, or painting the walls.
  • Replace Tile Floors: If you have big tiles on your floor, you can update the look by replacing it with smaller tile or even other floor options like wood.
  • Paint Cabinets: In your kitchen or bathroom, redoing the paint on the cabinets can do wonders.
  • Add Carpentry: This can include installing molding, bookcases, shelves, and more.
  • More Light: If the space in your home is dark and uninviting, you can add more light with paint and windows.
  • New Front Door: Nothing is more inviting than having a front door that is updated.
  • Install Landscaping: Plants and shrubbery can really highlight a home and make it more welcoming.
  • Replace Light Fixtures: If you have outdated lighting fixtures, that can easily be fixed by swapping them out with some new ones.

There is so much you can do to the inside and outside of your home when you are renovating it. It will all depend on what needs to be fixed, restored, or replaced.

Home Renovation Vs Buying New Home

A lot of people who think about renovating their homes do it because they want their home to look different. There aren’t pleased with the way it looks anymore, so they want to restore, repair or replace the areas that they don’t necessarily love. Then there is another route that people take when they are no longer happy with their homes–they move. But which one is better? A home renovation or buying a new home? When considering renovating or buying a new home, there are many considerations that need to be weighed. Both are a commitment, but one will be better suited depending on the circumstances. 

Do you still love your neighborhood, neighbors, and local schools? Are you wanting more space? If so, renovating might not be a bad idea! You can always turn bigger closets into extra rooms and you can update the things that you don’t like to fall in love with your home all over again. However, you also need to think about the cost of a renovation, how long it’s going to take, is it a good investment, and are the number of updates you want to do appropriate for the neighborhood you are in. Sometimes, it is in the best interest of the homeowner to move than to renovate, but talking to a professional can help you a decision that will work for you and your family.

What Is the Difference Between a Renovation and Remodel?

A Picture of a New Addition To a Home

Renovation Improves a Home, Wheres Remodeling Adds On To it.

When we hear the words “renovation” and “remodel” we tend to think they are the same thing. In reality, both renovation and remodeling are completely different. Sure both of them aim to improve your residential property, but they improve it in different ways. A renovation is when you improve the look of a home by repairing, restoring, or replacing various things in your home. Remodeling, on the other hand, requires changing the whole appearance of your home knocking down walls, removing rooms, or adding rooms. The end result is that your home will be different, but one is more intensive than the other. If you want to add on to your home or want to make your rooms bigger, that is going to require remodeling. If you are looking to update lighting or update the color of the walls in your home, all that takes is a little bit of renovation. Remodeling is good when you want to add a bit more value to your home and renovation is good when you want to improve worn down components in a home.

What Are the Steps To Remodeling a House?

If you are wanting to remodel your home, you need to have some ideas of what you want. A remodel of a home is a big investment, so it’s important you know what you want when you speak to a contractor. This will include knowing how much bigger you want your home to be, what the style will be, and what you are able to afford. Many people ask, “How can I remodel for cheap?” and the answer is doing it one room at a time or saving on the cost of materials. You can always remodel a bathroom or your kitchen and then renovate your home by adding new paint or electrical central heating. Of course, it is all up to you and what you can afford, so if you are interested in remodeling or renovating your home, call Validated Construction at 877-736-2783 to speak with a general contractor in Oklahoma City, OK.

Open Up Your Home


Woman Drilling Into Wall

Taking Down a Wall Can Create So Much Space.

Many homes today are built with an open concept feel to them. If your home is not like that and you want to make it that way or even just open it up a little more, there are many ways to do that. Little things here and there can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. If you can’t afford to take a wall out, maybe see if an extra window can fit somewhere or even a skylight. Taking out large pieces of unnecessary furniture can also help in these kinds of situations. Even though you might be opening up your home, closing up your backyard with a fence installation is a great idea for a safer backyard. Making small changes like this may not seem like a big deal, but a small bathroom remodel or taking one part of a wall out may mean the difference in a tight space and an open concept space.

How To Create a More Open Home

Windows – Windows can open up any space by bringing in light and making the room feel warmer.

Skylight – A skylight will give the room a bigger feel by opening you up to the outside and making the ceiling not seem so restrictive.

Wall Removal – Taking out a wall is something that may seem pretty major, but it will make a world of difference when it comes to the look and space of your home.

Kitchen Remodel – Taking out unnecessary things like small islands and bar chairs can really make a space feel so much bigger.

If you have been considering a home remodel in Oklahoma City, OK, call Validated Construction at 877-736-2783 and we can help make it happen.

Validated Construction: Making Home Renovation Easier for Oklahoma

You’ve been living in your home for an extended amount of time. Your house has gone through some wear and tear, especially in this Oklahoma weather, and at some point you will need to make renovations. Renovating can be a tedious task that almost feels like starting over. Regardless, you’ve decided to give it a try.

Where to Start?

The rooms that take on the most use are typically the bathroom and kitchen. Through out the day, both rooms are constantly visited. The constant action of turning on the sink or opening a cabinet door, at some point can cause small problems. Life style changes like having children can also effect how people need a room set up for safety and functionality.

We will start with the kitchen. That is the room that sets the tone for the rest of the house and is most commonly visited by residents and guests. Let’s say; the tile is outdated and starting to crack, a water leak has left the ceiling with a gray spot, the cabinets are a color that you don’t find appealing anymore, and the windows that were installed when the house was built are cheap. In Oklahoma, with every individual renovation or repair, typically, you have to find a separate company resolve each issue. You then have to deal with multiple people and phone numbers and invoices. This can all become overwhelming, not to mention delay the project.

Where Validated Construction Steps In

Validated Construction is making it easier for Oklahomans to renovate their homes by consolidating your remodels and repairs under one team. We can handle and all construction renovations and repairs. You can have an entire project completed with one phone call. Validated prides itself on providing efficient and timely customer service so people don’t feel out of loop and can remain confident their getting the remodel they desire. It’s your home, it deserves the look you want it. Validated Construction can help make that happen.

DIY Renovation Fails and Falls

People love the “do it yourself” mentality. You can definitely save money doing home renovations on your own. Many DIY home owners don’t realize they could be costing themselves a lot of money in the long run. There’s also the chance that someone could end up hurt. Sure it’s good for Youtube views and laughs. But many times people aren’t as lucky as the ones in the videos below. They should’ve just let the pros handle it.


Aw, the classic father and son bonding time story over a do-it-yourself home renovation. You can tell immediately the son has no business being on a latter, let alone hanging a chandelier. What made these two think putting a latter on a set of stairs was a good idea? The guy in blue is lucky he didn’t smash his father on top of the head. They are both extremely fortunate no one was hurt. They would’ve saved a lot of time and money had they just called a company like Validated Construction.

Pride Comes Before the Fall

One of the great downfalls of a handyman is pride. Many times, they feel any task is possible. You can spend all day working on a project but if it’s not done correctly it does not matter. Like the guy in the video, avoid putting in all that work and the embarrassment when it doesn’t go as expected. Call the pros.

Real Friends . . . Eh

Poor guy, it almost feels like his friends recording knew what was about to happen. The man is trying to take down a large portion of a wall with an electrical saw. He clearly hasn’t thought about what will happen when the piece falls. This causes him to plunge to the ground. Not only could he have been seriously hurt by the wall, fall, or saw, he wasn’t wearing any protective gear. We always see amateur construction work done without proper safety protection. Simply wearing protective glasses can save someone from serious injury. You are better off just letting a professional team handle it.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Countless unexpected roof problems occur while being a homeowner in Oklahoma. Wear and tear is inevitable. Many people aren’t sure when they should repair or replace their roof. Depending the area you live in, most asphalt roofs last 20 to 25 years. Here are some things to look for when deciding if it’s time to replace your roof.

Inside First

The first place you should look isn’t outside your home or on the roof.
Check your attic first and look for beams of light shining through or streak stains that may signal a leak. Also check your ceilings for gray spots or soft spots that indicate can indicate a leak from the inside. Water leaks can cause larger problems to your house if not properly resolved.

The Shingles

Shingles can also be a sign of needing your roof replaced. If you come across areas that are damaged. curling or cracked, you may need a repair. You can also check the gutter for shingle granules. If you find an excess amount, that may also be a sign that it’s time to replace your roof. Check the flatness of the roof and if there are areas that droop or sag, that is an immediate sign to replace your roof before your homes takes on other damages.


Check around the roof vents, chimneys and other areas that may be sealed. Sometimes these flashing can have cracks that lead to leaks. In older model homes the flashing is either cement or tar. It’s a good idea to replace that material with a metal flashing that is much stronger and more durable.


Roofs grow plants and moss in shaded areas that take on lots of moisturetake on a lot of moisture and weather causing plants and moss to grow. This indicates that moisture is getting trapped inside, something that can absolutely ruin a roof. This can lead to rotting boards or droopy spots that again lead to much more damage to the home.

Replace or Repair

Knowing when and who installed your roof is important. It helps to decide between replacing your roof or strictly having a repair done. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, you should inspect your roof, twice a year. With Oklahoma storms, you may not be able to avoid a repair. Either way, it’s important to keep an eye on your roof and stay ahead of any problems.

Bathroom Remodels: Modern or Classic?

The interior design of a bathroom is often overlooked because most utilities used are available for a bargain price, regardless of design. Having an outdated bathroom design can make the room awkward and embarrassing. When deciding to remodel your bathroom, you’ll need to decide between a classic or more modern style.

Keep It Classy

Classic design remodels have became a 2000’s trend. When done right look spectacular. However, in older homes, a modern remodel won’t match the rest of the home. You want to keep that timeless look while adding new colors and more reliable materials. Classic remodels use smooth curves with elaborate details. floral prints for example. A distinguishing variable in a classic design is the claw-footed tub. Usually the colors and details will accent the bathroom tiles, furniture and wallpaper.

Modern Man

Modern designs are always changing. Usually colors used are neutral are black, white, beige, with small undertones of other complimentary colors. Typically, fixtures in modern design remodels are stainless steel. This really gives bathrooms that new age look. Unlike classic design, the showers tend to be open as opposed to a bathtub. This makes the room much spacier and can change the entire appearance of your bathroom. You’ll also find a wide assortment of light fixtures to choose from that can really give a room a sleek modern look.


No matter how you decide to remodel your home, the best flooring options will be ceramic tiles and natural stone. Both are very durable and are key in bringing the entire room together. Bathroom remodels should accent the rest of the house and be a reflection of your style and preference.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

A homeowner can increase the value of their home by remodeling. Although, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start or what style to choose. With trends always changing, the most important thing, is to find a contractor you trust. They can be a huge help throughout the process and help find exactly what you like. With that said, lets look at some kitchen remodel ideas that you may like.

Integrated Appliances

Appliance sometimes having a way of sticking out in a kitchen design because they weren’t apart of the building process. Not only that but, trying to match your oven to your kitchen to your microwave can be quite tedious. By integrating built-in appliances you can match the style of your remodel. This makes appliance cohesive with the rest cabinetry.

Faux – Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have always been a common choice for kitchen remodels. They give the kitchen a homeliness and can go with a wide variety of colors. However, the issue is sometimes wood floors can be a task to maintain. Using other materials, porcelain, that look like wood, you get the same style but a much more durable floor.

Open Layout

Open layout kitchens have trending more with young families and new homeowners. The open layout entices interaction. Knocking down a wall can open up the room giving a much more modern, connect feel. This also gives you more space to add other things to your kitchen.

One Level Islands

To go along with the open layout trend, one level islands encourage interaction by removing any barrier from the island top. It gives the kitchen an intimate feel and a modern look. Making it a fantastic hangout space for your home. It’s also a great way to improve prep space.

Embarrassing Home Remodels

We’ve all seen a hilarious result of a poor DIY home remodel. Maybe the homeowner didn’t have time or patience to hire a professional team. Maybe they realized midway through the task was larger than expected. Whatever the case, these picture below show some of the Validated Staff’s favorite remodel failures.

Quantity Over Quality

Apparently, this homeowner cared more about quantity over quality so they installed a public toilet dispenser in their bathroom. Yes, you will never run out of toilet paper, and also, yes, it looks incredibly tacky.

Where Did They Get Those Rocks?

I guess, I somewhat understand what they were trying to accomplish, but you can definitely tell this is an amateur job. It looks like they walked outside and grabbed as many rocks as they could find and stuck them to the original bathtub. Remodel teams are able to find you the right supplies for this type of remodel that will blend it with the rest of the room.

There’s So Much Going On

Oh my. I’m not sure where to start here. Clutter doesn’t always equal style. As minimalism continues to trend upwards, less can definitely be better. But underneath all the colors and kittens, this room has so much potential.

Rocks, On Rocks, On Rocks

I’m don’t fully understand some people’s obsession with randomly placed rock designs. This look random and sporadic. It looks very unplanned. Professional draft their ideas before hand to show customers exactly what their remodel will look like. This looks like they started and just went with it.

All That Space

I’m not sure what they were thinking here. All that space and they put a tiny standing shower. The vent on the ceiling where the tile ends makes it so they won’t be able to install a wall there. At this point you will have to have your toilet in your bedroom. A professional team would have seen the vent and immediately changed plans accordingly.

One Remodel – One Company

Most homeowners are clueless where to start when beginning a home remodel. They might call a flooring company to come in and replace the tile. A woodworking shop to refurbish the old cabinets. A plumber to change the toilet. What most people don’t realize, you could be wasting time, energy and money by not consolidating your remodel under one company. Below are some areas of a remodel you may not realize you would need to handle, that an all in one service company would take care of, for you.


When doing a home remodel, scheduling can be an absolute nightmare. Getting 5 different companies to show up on the same day is quite the challenge. Some crews would rather there not be another company in the room working simultaneously so then you have to maneuver around each crew’s schedule. If you are on a time crunch, many times the more crews involved, the longer it takes. If you were to use Validated Construction, they would handle scheduling for you. You would get to sit back and watch it unfold.


Most homeowners don’t realize the extensive negotiating that takes place with home remodels. Each company is fighting for a bid and trying to offer the best deal, while also generating profit. You would have to deal with 5 different negotiations. While also being cautious of those who may not have the best intentions. Many times contractors will use cheap materials to make more money. With Validated Construction, you make one contract, with one company. We handle the rest. The people we work with have been vetted by our staff so you know you will be getting a top of the line craftsmen and crew.

Customer Service

Having your home remodel under one company can be a huge relief when it comes time for your questions. Do you really want to spend time calling company to company trying to figure out a solution if a problem arises? If you use one single company to handle the entire remodel, you only have to deal with one company when you need something. This makes projects run much smoother because the crew is connected to the entire project, not just one thing.

If you’re ready to a home remodel, make sure you find one singular company that you trust to take on the project.

Kitchen Remodel: Countertop Options

Most kitchen remodels begin with a homeowner wanting an upgrade or style change. Many times it could be a color or design that is outdated. Almost all kitchen remodels have some sort of countertop renovation. Not only do you want a style that blends with the rest of the home, but you also need something that is durable and stand the test of time. Fortunately, there are many types of countertop options.


Wood countertops can really bring together a more southern kitchen look. Placed correctly, they can also give a very modern, industrial feel. Not only attractive, wood countertops are incredibly useful for food prep and are sanitary enough for chopping food items. It also can be much cheaper than a marble or granite top. Wood is more susceptible to nicks and bumps, but in the long run can be very durable. The wood’s heat-resistance is a welcomed asset.

Stainless Steel

The major advantage of stainless steel countertops, and a big reason you see them in most restaurants, is because the materials ability to inhibit bacterial buildup. This makes steel countertops the most hygienic top there is. These countertops definitely give a modern feel and mixes well with almost any color or pattern. The surface is also one of the easiest countertops to keep clean.


Granite countertops can add value to your home while also giving it high end look. Not only that, granite tops are a very durable prep surface. What has became the top choice for most home remodels, granite countertops are a natural stone which creates gorgeous rock patterns. Fair warning, granite countertops are not the cheaper route and maintenance on them is a necessity. Be sure to always wipe stains quickly and be sure to follow your regular sealing procedures.


Along with granite counter tops, marble takes some maintenance and lands on the more expensive side of things. But you are guaranteed to get something that stands out in your home. Marble tops give a luxurious, high-class, timeless aesthetic and can last for a long time with proper care. They can instantly increase the value of your home and really be the icing on the cake of a complete remodel.