Bathroom Remodels: Modern or Classic?

The interior design of a bathroom is often overlooked because most utilities used are available for a bargain price, regardless of design. Having an outdated bathroom design can make the room awkward and embarrassing. When deciding to remodel your bathroom, you’ll need to decide between a classic or more modern style.

Keep It Classy

Classic design remodels have became a 2000’s trend. When done right look spectacular. However, in older homes, a modern remodel won’t match the rest of the home. You want to keep that timeless look while adding new colors and more reliable materials. Classic remodels use smooth curves with elaborate details. floral prints for example. A distinguishing variable in a classic design is the claw-footed tub. Usually the colors and details will accent the bathroom tiles, furniture and wallpaper.

Modern Man

Modern designs are always changing. Usually colors used are neutral are black, white, beige, with small undertones of other complimentary colors. Typically, fixtures in modern design remodels are stainless steel. This really gives bathrooms that new age look. Unlike classic design, the showers tend to be open as opposed to a bathtub. This makes the room much spacier and can change the entire appearance of your bathroom. You’ll also find a wide assortment of light fixtures to choose from that can really give a room a sleek modern look.


No matter how you decide to remodel your home, the best flooring options will be ceramic tiles and natural stone. Both are very durable and are key in bringing the entire room together. Bathroom remodels should accent the rest of the house and be a reflection of your style and preference.