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Commercial Roofer

We Are a Full-Service Residential and Commercial Roofer That Performs Superb Work.

At Validated Construction, we have established ourselves as a leading residential and commercial roofer for the state of Oklahoma and beyond. Storm damage repair and roof restoration stand as our primary specializations, as we strive to offer work to save and support current roofing systems. As general contractors, we will enact a selection of other services that includes new construction and renovations.

The method behind our achievement is a serious commitment to integrity. We desire nothing more than to provide our team with superior roofs. We continually place our customers first, and treat each project, large and small, like a chief priority. Residence and commercial structure owners both must identify a roofing professional they can rely on for consistent service. Should you require help from a home and commercial roofer in Afton, OK, contact us now at 877-736-2783.

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Commercial Roofer

We Offer Many Options Among Our Services and Roofing Materials Alike.

As a home and commercial roofer, we are proud of the services we offer our region. A roofing system, whether for a residence or company, represents a significant expense that needs the advantages of exceptional service. A selection of product options makes it possible for any homeowner to receive the look they want, and resilience they require. If you require a complimentary inspection to learn the state of your roof, we furthermore provide those, in addition to repairs.

Your Source for Solar Energy

If you desire the benefit of solar panels for your house, you can count on our efforts as G 1:3 Solar. Regardless of whether you have concern for the environment, your regular electric expenses, or both, solar panels provide an excellent answer. If you’ve daydreamed about living more self-sufficiently, solar panels can comprehensively eliminate your reliance on the utility company. We are prepared to provide for your necessities as a premier home and commercial roofer in Afton, OK. To begin, call us at 877-736-2783.

Residential & Commercial Roofers

Residential & Commercial Roofer

The crew at Validated Construction offers unbeatable service for the repair, install, and maintenance of residential and commercial roofing. Regardless of the roof material you have or want, we will provide high-caliber service. Any roof material has an ultimate lifespan and protective capabilities only realizable through quality roofing work. To realize superior value for your roof investment, entrust your work to our team.

Roof Restorations

Roof Restoration & Roof Coatings

When you are confronted with the expenditure of a commercial roof replacement, make sure to reach out to our team in regards to a restoration option. Contractors who want a large payday can suggest full replacement when restoration would function ideally. Dedication to our clients’ best interests influences every decision we make and advice we offer, however. Often enough, a roof restoration will offer an economical substitute to replacement, where your existing roofing system is preserved and conserved for further work.

  • Flat Roof Coatings A flat roofing coating will provide tailored defense for a flat roofing system.
  • Commercial Roof Coatings Our commercial roofing coats come in assorted types to support the health of a roofing system.

Storm Damage Repairs

Storm Damage Repair & Insurance Help

Roofs that have gone through storm damage will get a fast solution from our roofers. You ought to not disregard storm damage work, as it can exacerbate significantly throughout another storm. Insurance processing assistance is another of our offerings that typically goes hand-in-hand with roofing service. Between our roofing check-ups, communication with the adjuster, and all-around support, you may count on superb repairs that leave your roofing as good as new.

  • Emergency Roofing Services If you endure a roofing emergency, we offer a rapid response and all-around assistance.
  • Hail and Wind Damage Roof Repair Wind and hail can unite to seriously compromise a roofing system. We provide thorough repairs of both obvious and unapparent damage.
  • Roof Leaks Patched You can save a great deal of money if you contact us for service at the initial signs of a roofing leak.
  • Insurance Claim Help We help customers receive the money they require from insurance providers.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofs for Homes & Businesses

Commercial buildings and houses together can acquire significant perks from metal roofing. Our staff has mastered service on a variety of assorted kinds of metal roofing systems. To prevent leakage, think about a standing seam metal roof. For people who dislike the visual impact of metal panels, but wish for the perks, consider stone coated steel or metal shingles.

  • Commercial Metal Roofs Commercial metal will supply superior protection when confronted with a range of environmental hazards.
  • Residential Metal Roofs Metal is now a popular residential roof material, thanks to its strength and longevity.

Dependable General Contracting

If you have any renovation or building needs, we also offer our service as general contractors. If you require renovations or additions on a home, we are the company to phone for excellent work. We will also perform new building, and take care of the process from start to finish. To talk about these or any type of job, phone 877-736-2783 now for the premier home and commercial roofer for Afton, OK.