Validating Your Home for the Holidays: Childproofing

It’s that time of the year again. Family, friends, football, and food. If you’re a homeowner, there’s a chance it’s your year to have the entire lineage there. You are ready to show off your new kitchen remodel but aren’t sure it’s safe for the little ones. Validated gives you some things to check or change that will help childproof your home.

Cover Outlets

Kids love to stick things inside objects. Grab some cheap outlet covers at your local hardware store.

Gate Stairs

A majority of child injuries come from traumatic falls or accidents. Gate your stairs to eliminate any chance of something like that happening. It’s also a great way to keep pets clear of the area while family fills the room.

Set Water Heater

You’ll see throughout this list that babies love knobs. A baby can turn the wrong nob in the sink or bath and end up with some painful burns. Set your water heater to 120 degrees to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Add Door Jambs

Kids get their fingers any and all places. Add door jams to your heaviest door to make sure no one slams their fingers as people go in and out.

Mount Heavy Items

It would be a great idea to mount your large TV’s and other items that sit on something. Kids lean and pull on things and many times a TV falling will result in some type of injury. Not only that, it will allow more space in your home and looks much sharper.

Corner Guards

Babies fall all the time and occasionally it is into something. Add corner guards to that sharp coffee table and end table to ensure no corners are hit.

Knob Covers

Knob covers can be added to exit doors and oven knobs, both of which can be turned and result in a problem. A simple child safety knob cover and prevent a large number of issues from ever having the chance to happen.

The truth is, kids are incredible at getting into any and everything. Chances are, there will be something we both didn’t think about. The key is to prepare as much as you can and make your home is as safe as possible. Validated wants you to enjoy your home while also making it an enjoyable place for everyone that visits. Happy Holidays!