Validated Construction’s Roofing Construction Process

We’ve gone into detail about Validated Construction’s claim process. Today, we will look deeper into the actual construction process that goes into receiving a new Validated roof. The main thing we are concerned about is getting you a quality product in a fluid, timely manner. You shouldn’t have to worry about a thing, and can rest assured you are getting the best possible roof. Below is a breakdown of a routine roof installation.

Protect the Property

One of the most important and often overlooked areas of an installation is the prep period. Your property should be entirely protected on both the inside and out. Validate will tarp your exterior so that no loose shingles or debris harm your property. It’s also a good idea to talk to your roofer about existing vents and if they need to be replaced. Poorly vented roofs can hinder the life or shingles and roof. Your roofer will inspect the flashing and framing to see if those need to replaced.


In order to check the wood decking, all the old shingles from the roof must be removed. Once removed, look for areas that are rotting and may need replacement. Installing a roof on damaged decking is pretty much pointless and can cause leaks. It’s extremely important to us that we go through and re-hammer new nails that are attached to the old wood decking. This process is sometimes overlooked by roofers and can cause issues later with your roof.

Getting It Ready for Shingles

There’s a few things we will need to do in order to get your roof ready for shingles. After wood decking we will add a drip edge at all edges of the roof. This helps to prevent rain from getting underneath the roofing material. We will then add a water shield that sticks to the decking to help prevent leaks. After that, we finalize the preparation by adding roofing felt that prevents shingles from sticking to the wood.


Now we are ready to start applying our new materials to your roof. We will start laying out the material starting from the bottom up while adding counter flashing, ridge vents, and other accessories when needed.

Clean Up and Final Inspection

After we are done and you have your new roof, it’s important we leave your property cleaner than before we got there. You will also receive a thorough post-inspection to make sure we did our job correctly.