Validated Construction Remodel Examples

One thing we take pride in at Validated Construction is being versatile. We want to be your one-stop shop for any and all home remodel and renovation need. Here are just a few examples of what Validated can do for you. Call us today, let us help make your home great.

Full Roof Restoration

Here you see Validated giving a homeowner a brand new roof. Sometimes a problem with a roof can be handled with a repair. Other times, a repair can just be like covering a significant wound with a band-aid. Validated professionals will be able to give you an honest opinion on whether or not you need a repair, or new roof. We will contact the insurance company, collect your funding, provide all materials, and give you a top of the line finished product.


One of the first things most homeowners want to change in their houses are the floors. Carpets can stain so easily and many times look tacky if not placed correctly. Validated specializes in finding the exact flooring style you like best, while handling the entire procedure in a timely, efficient manner.

Full Kitchen Remodel

Here you see a kitchen that started very minimal. Validated gave it a much more high-end look by added granite countertops that blend great with the stained wood cabinets. We added a small kitchen prep-island that really brings the rest of the kitchen together. By knocking out the wall(bottom) to make an opening towards the living room, we gave the entire house a much more welcoming feel.

Outdoor Remodels

One of our favorite things to do is add value to your home. One of the best ways to do that is by turning the exterior into a place of nirvana. In the first picture, we added to the balcony and provided a gorgeous brown stone patio area that would be terrific for having company. The addition of the outside grill set-up makes for great barbecues.

Validated can also handle remodels for your pool. Here, we had 2 different types of stone that really bring out the rest of the pool. All of the additions immediately increase the overall value of the home.

All the Details

There are so many small details and procedures that go into a home remodel. Many times DIY remodel homeowners find themselves overwhelmed and spending way more money than they expected. One thing Validated takes pride in is making this the easiest process possible for you. From material lists, budget lists, talking to insurance companies, handling bids, hiring crews, and scheduling, we literally will handle the entire process for you.

Free Inspections!

Yes, Validated offers homeowners free roof inspections! It’s important to have your roof looked at by a professional, especially in Oklahoma, after each cold/warm season and any major storm. So there really is no reason to not have your roof checked!