Diving Deeper Into the Roofing Claims Process

Many homeowners don’t realize just how much planning, procedure, and legality goes into a roofing renovation or repair. The claims process is one area that can get pretty confusing. You can end up going way over budget if you aren’t careful and diligent with your planning. The easiest solution is to find a company you trust to handle the entire process. Validated Insurance can do that. We handle every aspect of the process, striving to get you the quality you deserve, at the best price you can afford. Let’s look into deeper detail of the claims process.


Roofs take on an enormous amount of wear and tear in Oklahoma. Spring brings Tornado season and many times effects thousands of residents. We recommend that you get your roof inspected after Summer, Winter, and any major storm. The great part about Validated is that you can apply for a FREE inspection. Yes, free. That means there really is zero reason to not have your roof looked at. An inspector will come to your house, look at your roof, and offer you a solution.


Now that you’ve had an inspection, your insurance agent will come out to look at your property. They will inspect and come up with an adjustment to send back to the agency. We work with highly trained professionals that focus on finding the small issues before that become big ones.

File the Claim

Next, Validated will help send you a quote with everything we feel your roof needs. We don’t take shortcuts and we only use the best of the best materials. So, when you get your estimate, know that Validated isn’t cutting your short on quality, ever. Your roof is important. You’ll then be given a scope of our work that details exactly how we plan to fix your roof.

Subject to Agreement

One thing we pride ourselves on is working with your Insurance Company to get approval on a claim that benefits the homeowner. You aren’t control of the weather, so if your roof is damaged by natural forces, we believe that everything should be covered. We work hard for you to ensure we get exactly what we need from your Insurance Agency.


Once we have come to agreeable terms with you and your Insurance. This is when the funds they give the homeowner will be allocated accordingly to the project. You will already have a detailed breakdown of exactly what we will be doing, what we will be using, and how we will be doing it. So, there won’t be any surprises financially. Once the funds are in, we go to work for you and complete the project!